Diversity in the Ecological Society of America

Photographs of Arizona, En Route to Santa Rita 1918, Box 69, Folder 3, Edith S. and Frederic E. Clements Papers, Collection Number 01678, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming.

Edith Clements with her husband doing fieldwork in 1918

Science and scientists are influenced by their larger cultural environment. I compiled data and past research on women in ecology to show how the experience and participation of women in the Ecological Society of America has changed and put it in the context of feminist movements in the United States.

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Presentation on this work with Sally White from the

  • 2012 Ecological Society of America Meeting [poster pdf]

This work grew into a collaboration with Chris Beck, George Middendorf, and Kate Boersma on gender and racial diversity in the Ecological Society of America before and after the WAMIE reports.

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