Photo and beard construction credit: Conner Fitzpatrick

Photo and beard construction credit: Conner Fitzpatrick

I’m Susannah Tysor, a PhD candidate with Sally Aitken at the University of British Columbia. I’m interested in how forests will respond to climate change, but I get pretty excited about most anything that photosynthesizes. I like digging up old data for new purposes and using mathematical modeling to explore and answer questions. Right now I’m trying to figure out how reproductive phenology and wind patterns influence pollen-mediated gene flow in lodgepole pine. See my research page for more projects I’ve worked on.

I blog interesting papers and technical tidbits here, but you can also find me writing about trees and adaptation over on The Modern Forest.

It’ll make my day if you follow me on twitter, use my code, share papers with me, hire me, tell me about a great book, or ask me to dance.

Get in touch via email [susannah@pobox.com] or skype [susannah.tysor]. I also like letters [Susannah Tysor/Department of Forest & Conservation Sciences/2424 Main Mall/Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4].