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LaTeX only prints first citation

If you’re using a citation style from the harvard package in LaTeX, you might be surprised to find that

\cite{Kremer2012, Campbell1999}

only works on the first citation

(Kremer et al. 2012, ?) .

Unlike some citation styles/packages (notably the default ‘plain’), the harvard package doesn’t allow spaces between citations. To fix this problem just change the example above to


and your problem is solved!

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One person’s error is another’s art

My undergraduate research project involved tree rings. A lot of them.

Sometimes I couldn’t use all or part of tree core because the tree was accidentally bored through part of a branch that was now hidden behind diameter growth. While this was profoundly annoying to me, the hidden history of a branch makes for a beautiful sculpture (via kottke).

By Guiseppe Penone

The grass is always greener

Joseph Craine put up a very cool figure (from Andrew Elmore) on worldwide climate space. Go read more about it!

Plot of Mean Annual Temperature and Mean Annual Precipitation by A. Elmore via J. Craine

Sometimes doing science is wonderful because you find beautiful things:

Therefore, there is an intrinsic beauty in this approach, which comes from its generality, deep significance and remarkable simplicity.

One of the things I’d like to do during my PhD is visualize the timing and spatial arrangement of populations of interior spruce and lodgepole pine as they “flower.” Nathan Yau writes about a tool, Torque, that might be a cool way to do this!