How fast did Pinaceae ranges move in the past? | The Modern Forest

Source: How fast did Pinaceae ranges move in the past? | The Modern Forest

I remade a couple graphs from Ordonez & Williams 2013 to get a better look at the Pinaceae.

Old Data, New Tricks – Research2Reality

When we picture scientists collecting data, we usually think of someone in a white coat mixing solutions in beakers or perhaps someone writing measurements on a clipboard in the middle of a seed orchard. But what happens after that data is collected and the papers are written?

Source: Old Data, New Tricks – Research2Reality

I’ve got a post up on the Research2Reality blog today about using old data to to answer new questions.

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The Commons

The Associate Director for Data Science team at the NIH, in partnership with the research community and the private sector, establishes The Commons

In an era when biomedical research[1] is becoming increasingly digital and analytical, the current support system is neither cost-effective nor sustainable. Moreover, that digital content is hard to find and use. The Commons is a pilot experiment in the efficient storage, manipulation, analysis, and sharing of research output, from all parts of the research lifecycle. Should The Commons be successful we would achieve a level of comprehensive access and interoperability across the research enterprise far beyond what is possible today.

The Commons is a conceptual framework for a digital environment to allow efficient storage, manipulation, and sharing of research objects[2].